Friday, May 12, 2017

New and Improved

New and Improved

For those viewers who have been waiting for several years for my next blog addition, I apologize for the long delay.   In the interim I have had to suffer through several years in an A-fib condition, lost a great deal of my energy, and in 2014 retired from a high school teaching position which I had held for over 30 years.  

During the last few years I instructed at Venice High School, I had several electrical cardio-versions and an ablation for atrial flutter.   In December of 2015, I traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there I underwent a 7 hour procedure to correct the electrical problems with my heart.   With God’s help and the skillful hands of my friends at the University of Pen, my heart condition now seems to be completely straightened out.

They say when one door closes, God will open another, that is what I feel has happened in my life.   Retirement has opened up doors which I had not previously considered.   I have now been able to spend many more hours with my grandchildren that I otherwise would have missed.  

More importantly, I have been able to dedicate much more of the time God has given me to sharing the good news of our risen Savior.   In the past three years I have had the opportunities to serve the Lord more deeply through the church and other associations.   In The Gideons International I have been able to serve as a camp president, a regional program leader, and currently as an area director.   Over the years God has given me literally thousands of chances to share His Word.  

In some of the coming blogs, I hope to be able to share with you just some of the blessings which have been given to me as opportunities.   As an active member of my church, I have been able to show the love of God throughout my local community and in the world in which I live.

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